Access Your Media Files Worldwide

Gather round, those of you with networked computers, and gaze upon one of the best ways to attach storage to that network and share files at home or anywhere on the Internet.

Behold PogoPlug, a $129 network attached storage (NAS) device that was already well worth its relatively low price, but now it has four USB ports, making it even more useful. If you can get over its hot pink color, you'll be amazed at what it can do.

Plug up to four external hard drives into this baby, and it automatically synchronizes photos, video, music and other content with any computer connected to it.

It's easy to access it from anywhere on the Internet, and you can even play back videos from it on your iPhone. This little unit already won beaucoups critical acclaim in its simpler iteration, so look for this improved model to begin gathering even more accolades by the end of the year.

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