Apple Asks eBay to Stop Sales of Steve Jobs Figurines

Not only does Apple want to keep tight control of its products but the company also wants to control how its founder and CEO is portrayed.

Apple is reportedly cracking down on eBay sellers trying to auction of tiny Steve Jobs figurines. Some sellers say they have had their auctions taken down by eBay per Apple's request.

One seller told MacNN that he eBay said his listing "violates a celebrity's right of publicity" and that is why it was removed. Apple reportedly cited California Civil Code Section 3344, "which prohibits the use of any person's name, photograph or likeness in a product without that person's prior consent."

On Wednesday, no figures portraying a smiling Jobs, wearing his trademarked blue jeans and black shirt, and holding what looks like a mini iPhone, were anywhere to be found on eBay.

Some of the figurines had been selling for as high as $2,500.

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