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Barack Obama Visits San Francisco for Tech Company Event

Former President Barack Obama was in the Bay Area Wednesday to speak at a tech company event in San Francisco.

Splunk, a multinational software corporation, stated on their website that Obama will be a featured speaker at their event "The Beginning of Everything."

"The Obama years were ones in which more people not only began to see themselves in the changing face of America," Splunk said on their website, "but to see America the way he always has - as the only place con Earth where so many of our sotires could even be possible."

Obama's hour-long talk focused on leadership, but he hit a lot of big topics, and even had a subtle jab for President Donald Trump.

"Not watching TV or reading social media -- these are things I would advise a president not to do," Obama said during his talk. "It creates a lot of noise and clouds your judgement."

The former president said he thinks the three most important issues right now are climate change, income and wealth inequality, and the rise of division in society. But Obama emphasized that he "remains hopeful."

As Obama walked out to leave, crowds lined the streets. They got a quick glimpse and a wave before he took off.

Obama's visit comes a day after President Trump was in the Bay Area for fundraising purposes.

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