VIDEO: Burglars Crash Corvette in Tom Torlakson's Neighborhood

Editor's note: This story has been updated. It previously stated the home of California's Superintendent of Schools was ransacked while burglars attempted to steal a vehicle.

Video from a home surveillance camera in Pittsburg shows two suspects on Wednesday afternoon trying to get away in a stolen Corvette but ended up crashing into a mailbox and pole in California's Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson's neighborhood. 

The getaway was foiled though, because the driver did not know how to drive stick shift, and Torlakson's wife, Mae, captured the incident on surveillance video.

The suspects then jumped out of the car and attempted to run away before they were arrested, Mae Torlakson said, who added the police were around the corner.

Neighbors who witnessed the crash said they called police and went to check on if the suspects were injured.

Mae Torlakson said police told her that officers believe the suspects took BART to the area and are linked to other home burglaries in the area.

Mae Torlakson said living close to the BART station has its pros and cons.

"What's good and what's bad is we're very close to the BART station and what police told me is (the suspects) get off BART, they burglarize and they get on BART," Mae Torlakson said.

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