Celebrities and Tech: CES Gets Its Groove On

Are you going to wear that?

With thousands of people buzzing at the same time about the Macklemore show and a robot that cleans your windows, it could only be CES in Las Vegas, hitting its stride.

The most attended year for the biggest convention of its kind is already proving to be exhausting to those who love a steady stream of gadgets, with a little entertainment thrown in. How to keep track of it all? Well, there are new ways to do that, too, thanks to Yahoo's new entries into the tech news market, with an online magazine called "Yahoo Tech," and a new show to be anchored by Katie Couric.

In true CES fashion, the Yahoo news was delivered both by CEO Marissa Mayer, and by members of the cast of "Saturday Night Live," along with a very cool closing set by John Legend. Tech and celebs, joined again.

As for the gadgets, some new ones are getting noticed. For you parents out there, Intel has a chip inside a "onesie," to monitor your baby's, um, functions. Part of the "wearable tech" craze that has allowed me, though a wrist band, to tell you that I walked about six miles yesterday, this one comes as part of the "Mommy Tech" section here at the show.

Robots are also hot here at CES. While we monitor ourselves, a robot can take care of our cleaning needs. You may already know about the Roomba floor cleaning Robot (from iRobot). Now, we've seen the "Winbot," a bot that uses suction to hang on your window, move around, and clean it. It's made by Ecovacs, and will cost about $400. One of those things that, if you see it in action, you'll want one - if for nothing else than to start conversations among visitors.

Scott is on the show floor now. Also on Twitter: @scottbudman

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