Cisco Offers SF Snobs New Option

Cisco-created gadget lets you know how smug you can be about your zip code

For San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's Earth Day presentation, Cisco is unveiling a preview of the company's Urban EcoMap project for San Francisco -- because what every San Franciscan needs is yet another way to claim their neighborhood is better than yours.

The project will be officially released on May 21 at the Connected Urban Development conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Tool will include a heat-map style chart of San Francisco zip codes color-shaded to represent total transportation, energy and waste figures around the city.

Other tools will help individual San Franciscans figure out how they can reduce their total impact on the environment.

Amusingly enough, the demonstration video illustrates a mouse clicking "Walk or bike to work" as a way of reducing impact before linking the action to Newsom's Facebook page.

Newsom famously doesn't go much of anywhere without his three-ton, police-chauffeured Chevy Tahoe Hybrid.

Unless of course there's a photo opportunity like 2007's Bike to Work day. Photo by Kate McCarthy.

Jackson West lives in a greener nabe than the mayor, so there.

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