Closing Time for Dozens of San Jose Marijuana Dispensaries

The marijuana era may be ending in San Jose.

Some San Jose pot club owners had to scramble on Friday to get applications in on the last day to apply for a city permit.

Only six medical marijuana clubs in San Jose have permits, which means that as of Friday, the rest of them – as many as 80 at one point over the summer – might be shut down by the city, according to San Jose Inside.

Over the summer, San Jose voted to shut down about 90 medical marijuana businesses by Oct. 17 and allow certain ones to reopen with an operating permit next year. So far, about 50 shops have applied, though almost half have already been rejected.

Only about half a dozen have passed this first phase, which checks to see if the shops are following city guidelines, such as being far away from schools and churches.

Under the tightened restrictions, marijuana stores can't be within 500 feet of residences. They must also grow and cook every gram of cannabis and every edible sold on premises.

One dispensary says that "we are unaware of any dispensary" that meets these new regulations, San Jose Inside reports.

Clubs had until 5 p.m. Friday to submit new zoning permits. City officials say any club operating after Friday without applying for a permit can or will be shutdown as well as fined.

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