San Francisco

Community Gathers to Raise Money for 74-Year-Old Rape Victim

Police and community leaders gathered at a bakery in San Francisco Thursday in an effort to raise money for the rehab of a 74-year-old rape victim who is still unable to walk after being held captive, sexually assaulted, and bitten by a pit bull.

“Even though she’s fighting every day to recover, she has not given up and the spirit she has shown about caring for other’s safety continues,” said Johnny Vong of the San Francisco Police Department.

The woman was walking last month when a man grabbed her, dragged her into a home, and beat and sexually assaulted her for hours.

A 47-year-old San Francisco man has been arrested.

For information on how to donate, contact the San Francisco Shanghai Association at 2515 San Bruno Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 94134.

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