Cruising for Comedy on Craigslist

Prankster goes looking for roommates in San Francisco

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Four people with rooms advertised on Craigslist got a visit from local prankster Harmon Leon who wondered just how crazy one could act and still get a place to stay.

Turns out that local homeowners and renters looking to split the bill are a bit more discerning that one might imagine.

For instance, if the advertisement says no meat or cigarettes, you'll have to hide your In-N-Out habit -- showing up eating a sausage while smoking won't even get your foot in the door.

Only a friendly family that advertised themselves as "Christian" offered to take in Leon as a boarder, even considering that he showed up pretending to be his stock "scowling German" character.

"Apparently, some Christians really are nice and charitable, just like they are in certain parts of The Bible," writes Leon.

Only in San Francisco.

Photo by Ashleigh Nushawg.

Jackson West would never wish himself on roommates ever again.

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