DA Drops All Charges Against Peninsula Teacher

San Mateo County's district attorney dropped all charges against a Redwood City teacher accused of abusing young autistic students.

The D.A. says there was a lack of evidence.

Teacher Alexia Bogdis met with NBC Bay Area late Friday. She sat down to tell her side of the story for the first time since these allegations of abuse against autistic children first came out a year ago.

"I had faith the truth would come out that the ending would be a good ending for me I had good guidance and keep my eye on moving forward," Bogdis said.

In February 2012, several aides claimed Bogdis slapped, kicked and withheld food from two five year old boys in her class at Roosevelt Elementary School in Redwood City.

The accusations led to a criminal investigation.

Bogdis was charged with nine counts of misdemeanor abuse.

On Thursday, San Mateo county's D.A. Steve Wagstaff said that after a through investigation there was not enough evidence for the charges to stick.

Christopher Dolan is the attorney for one of the families. He says the system failed the children he still  believes were abused by Ms. Bogdis.

"Once again the system has failed this child. It failed to protect this child when it was happening its failed now to give the child justice through the criminal courts," Dolan said. 

Bogdis' lawyer says he hopes the public trusts the legal system's decision. 

"I hope that this decision by the district attorney will help to give people confidence that there are safety measures in place to protect people students from abuse. Those systems work especially when their followed in this case the system worked," Schumb said.

Bodgis said she was sorry that everyone had to go through this. 

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