Do it Yourself Beauty Brings Hair Removal Home

Don't have time to fit in a spa appointment for laser hair removal? Welcome to the world of do it yourself beauty.

For the first time patients can now use medical devices for hair removal, once used exclusively by doctors, at home.

Jennifer Trollman tested out a hair removal device she can use at home. She said she found it much less painful than waxing. And less irritating than shaving.

"I'd get bumps, redness and my skin would be itchy," she said.

This silk'n device uses pulsed light to basically knock out the growth center of each hair follicle. Something most patients used to need a doctor to do.

At the calfiornia face and laser institute in Palo Alto, plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Mingrone said he has sold a dozen of these new home hair removal systems.

"Its quite a breakthrough that this FDA approved home hair removal device is using the same technology we've been using in the office for years," said Dr. Matthew Mingrone.

But are they safe?

"There is  risk of scarring with any light device but to keep this safe we ask patients to start slowly and move up with subsequent treatments," Mingrone said.

And the device will only fire when its depressed against the skin, so you can accidentally fire it into someone's eyes.

But this light treatment is not recommended for people with dark skin.

The machine costs $800 but Trollman said she was shelling out a hundred dollars per salon wax job. She said its worth the investment.

"Over time we're saving money because I won't need to buy a razor and don't have to wax my legs," Trollman said.

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