Duck Rescue Goes Rogue

The animal was rescued, but animal rescuers aren't happy about it.

There is good news about the duck that has been swimming around a body of water in the South Bay with a dart in its face.

WildRescue says the animal has been captured, but you might be surprised to learn they aren't happy about it.

Rebecca Dmytryk says, "The duck was captured this morning by a rogue animal rescuer from the San Jose area - she used a net to catch the bird and the dart became entangled in the netting during the bird's struggle, as we feared it would, and subsequently was yanked out."

Dmytryk clearly was not happy with said "rogue" rescuer, but went on to say that the duck is alive and recovering at a wildlife hospital Friday.

She said, "This could have easily been a sad and tragic ending."

The duck that was captured Friday is one of several who live at a Santa Clara apartment complex and were hit with blowgun darts.

As many as five young mallards were hit. At least one of the ducks died from the injury.
There is still at least one more duck out there in need of help, according to Dmtryk said.

Santa Clara police launched an animal cruelty investigation.

The shooter could also face charge under federal law,  because harming wild mallards is illegal under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act,  according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife.
Anyone with information can call Santa Clara police at (408) 615-4816. Anonymous tips can also be submitted at
To provide information to WildRescue, witnesses can send emails to or call (831) 429-2323.

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