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Ellen Pao Drops Gender Bias Lawsuit Against Kleiner Perkins, Will Not Appeal

Ellen Pao, who lost a gender bias lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins earlier this year, announced Thursday she will not be pursuing an appeal against the Silicon Valley venture capital firm where she was once employed.

"I feel gratified that my actions have encouraged others to speak up about discrimination in venture capital and technology more broadly," Pao wrote in a statement obtained by Recode. "I am encouraged that companies are taking more action to quantify and address the disparity of opportunities for women and minorities."

In her statement, Pao says she will pay Kleiner Perkins for its legal costs, "although I firmly believe people who bring employment discrimination claims in good faith should not be forced to pay their employer’s legal bills."

In a post she wrote exclusively for Re-Code, Pao said she is "now moving now." "My experience shows how difficult it is to address discrimination through the court system," she wrote.

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