Facebook Looking to Hire Robert Gibbs

Where does someone go after working for the Obama administration? Facebook of course.

But this isn't like Conan O'Brien creating a Twitter account when NBC unceremoniously kicked the comedian to the golden curb.

Instead former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is reportedly in negotiations with the Palo Alto-based social-networking site to help manage the company's communications.

The New York Times reports Gibbs would come on in "a senior role" citing people briefed about the ongoing negotiations. And the talks are described as still being in the early stages.

The company is reportedly trying to hire Gibbs before it offers an initial public offering in 2012.

With a major motion picture about the rise of the company and its increasing role in political movements across the globe, Facebook has been at the center of a media storm for quite some time.

Gibbs would offer a familiar face to major media companies covering Facebook while attention is sure to increase as the company valued at over $50 billion goes public.

For Gibbs, navigating the muddy waters of company CEO Mark Zuckerberg's past or Facebook's role in another government's overthrow would be easy compared to the questions he was force to deal with during his time with the Obama administration.

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