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First-Ever Tiny House Festival in San Jose

Thousands of people gathered at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Saturday to check out tiny homes at the first-ever Tiny House Festival in San Jose.

Most of the homes at the event were less than 300 square feet but the people who live in them said the small spaces offer big rewards.

"I think this is the future of living in the Bay Area especially where the price of living is so expensive," said Analuz Acevedo from San Francisco. "This is great for people who can't afford a million dollar home but want the life experience of owning something"

One of the concerns about purchasing a tiny home is where they can be put. Some counties, including Alameda and Contra Costa, allow tiny homes in backyards to house caregivers, but the American Tiny House Association is working to allow tiny homes in back yards that are offered to anyone.

"Therefore they can be securely housed instead of on the verge of homelessness," said Executive Director of the American Tiny House Association, Kevin Polk.

Hilarie Kazihtoe built her own tiny living space for $20,000, and while her bathroom, living room and kitchen are all a step or two from each other, she says she wouldn’t trade her 120-square-foot for anything.

"It's my dream home, I have enough, it's easier to cook I just turn around and grab something," Kazihtoe said.

By the end of summer, the San Jose City Council will decide on final plans to use tiny homes to provide temporary housing for the homeless.

The Tiny House Festival will re-open Sunday at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

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