Fremont, Oakland Teachers Rally in Solidarity With Los Angeles ‘Red for Ed' Walkout

Teachers in across the Bay Area joined a state-wide educators rally Friday in solidarity with at least 35,000 Los Angeles teachers who are in a contract dispute with the district.

"We are all part of the same struggle in California which is to make sure public education is sustainable and viable, making sure we get the appropriate funding not only at the state level but at the local level with our individual school districts," said Victoria Birbeck-Herrera, President of Fremont Unified District Teacher Association.

Educators from around 40 schools in Fremont and about a dozen others around the Bay Area rallied in red, riding on the "Red4Ed" movement that began last year in West Virginia, to call for better pay, smaller class sizes and less standardized teaching.

Classes were not affected, according to organziers, because teachers are participating in a walk-in as opposed to United Teachers Los Angeles' walkout.

Oakland teachers have been without a contract for over a year and negotiations are still ongoing. Last year, teachers and students participated in another walkout by calling in sick to call for better pay.

Fremont teachers are also working without a salaried contract for the 2018-19 school year. If negotiations stall, Birbeck-Herrera said teachers are also willing to strike.

"While these are our jobs, it's also a situation where you have people who went into their profession as educators because they strong believe that education is a foundation of equity and is really essential. They want to make sure that it stays and that requires some involvement," Birbeck-Herrera said.

Oakland teachers will hold another rally at noon on Saturday at Oakland City Hall.

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