Fremont Police Arrest Driver That Crashed Into Cars at Safeway Parking Lot

No one was seriously hurt

Police arrested a man who witnesses say drove through a Safeway parking lot, crashed into two cars, then sped off down a busy Fremont street Friday.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m. at the store just off Washington Boulevard, not too far from John Horner Middle School.

Witnesses said the driver came back, then revved his engine. 

One man said he felt like the driver might run him over with the car. 

“He comes right at me and turns right up into the tree, hits the tree and then he’s trying to get away, we’re opening up the door trying to get him out, we bang on the door. He finally opens up the door and takes off running. I tackled him over here,” said witness Jessie Schaa.

No one was seriously hurt, but a lot of people were rattled. 

Police are looking into whether the car he was driving was stolen.

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