George Lucas Fills in Details on Chicago Museum, Says Wife Had Enough of “Doodling Around” By San Francisco

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George Lucas is filling in details on his planned art and movie memorabilia museum, including how he settled on Chicago as a location over his hometown of San Francisco.

That was his wife's idea.

The "Star Wars'' creator told the Chicago Ideas Week forum on Friday that wife Mellody Hobson had had enough after years of what he described as "doodling around'' by San Francisco.

Hobson is a Chicago native and prominent businesswoman.

Lucas says she told him, "Don't worry. I'll talk to the mayor. I'm sure he'll love it.''

That's Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has embraced the idea.

The filmmaker announced in June that he had picked Chicago for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

It will be within walking distance of Lake Michigan and near several other museums.

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