Google Allows You to Tour Larry Ellison's New Island

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live like a billionaire?

You may not be able to ever truly imagine what it's like to spend $600 million on your own private Hawaiian island like Larry Ellison but Google can at least show you what it would look like.

The Mountain View-based technology company -- and one of Ellison's biggest rivals these days -- expanded its Street View service to offer virtual tours of six of Hawaii's islands by offering new off road images.

"Our newly expanded Street View coverage of six of Hawaii’s islands enables you to take a virtual vacation to paradise," Evan Rapoport, Google Street View product manager, wrote. "Explore panoramic imagery of local beach parks, tropical rainforests, volcanic lava fields, oceanfront resorts and more. Can you feel the ocean breeze yet?"

The service includes images of Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Molokai, Kauai and Larry Ellison's Lanai.

Google hopes the new feature will help users prepare for their travels to Hawaii, according to Rapoport.

And for those who can't make it, they can get a good look at Ellison's new island home by visiting Google.

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