Google to Launch Cloud Storage to Rival Dropbox

Nowadays, we don't need to worry that our smartphones, tablets and laptops don't come with enough storage because we're getting more comfortable storing our data in the cloud. Google's reported to be close to launching its own massive cloud storage service tentatively called "Drive."

If the Wall Street Journal's inside sources are to be believed, Google might be ready to target Dropbox, the most popular cloud storage service available.

To really cut into Dropbox's pie, Google would have to price its cloud storage service lower. Currently Google offers 1GB of free storage through its Google Docs suite, while Dropbox offers 2GB for free.

Drive will be the equivalent of Apple's iCloud for Apple devices and Microsoft's SkyDrive for its platform.

You'd think that Google would have released this service sooner given how it really wanted to push Chromebooks.

Sure, Google Docs offers additional 20GB ($5) and 80GB ($20) per year, but there needs to be a more elegant solution to managing files. Drive needs to be that.

How many of you are ready to live in the cloud? Are you worried about privacy concerns? What about data outages?

WSJ, via ArsTechnica

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