Google TV Plugs In

NBC, NBA, HBO among partners

The days of searching for what's on are just about over.

As if Apple TV, Hulu, Roku and Orb aren't enough, there's soon to be another major player knocking on your livingroom door: Google

You can check out its features for yourself at this link. (One of them is that your cell phone will double as your TV remote control.)

And prepare extra dip --  the Silicon Valley search giant is bringing friends.  As we've reported before, Sony and Logitech are among the hardware players fronting Google's upcoming TV search technology.  Now, we know a little more about the content providers coming on board.

Today, Google announced a variety of partners willing to send you their content.  The owner of this website, NBC, among them. The NBA, HBO, and Turner Broadcasting are others. 

As with most delivery systems, Netflix will be there, too.  Under Google's plan (and we should say that unlike the other companies mentioned above, Google hasn't yet released Google TV into the wild, so we can't tell you how well it works), you'll be able to search for a show like "The Office," and find both current and previous episodes. 

Good news for those of us who occasionally forget to update our DVRs.  The CNBC app (yes, they're calling them apps) will let you check your stocks while you watch the programming.

Still no information on price, and although word on the street has Google TV hitting stores in mid-October, we're still waiting on an official date from the company itself. 

I've tried Roku, Apple TV, and Orb.  All are cool, all a little different, all spell big trouble for traditional cable service.  Google is entering a crowded field, but it's used to that, and it's also used to winning. 

All good news for the consumer.  We'll keep you posted.

Scott's TV is waiting to try whatever Google has to offer.  He can be found on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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