Gov. Jerry Brown Says California Is Bracing for Its Toughest Fire Season Yet

The wildfires in Southern California are winding down, but there are still big fears it is going to be a really bad fire season.

On Sunday, Gov. Jerry Brown said California is bracing for its toughest fire season yet.

Less wind and cooler temperatures this weekend have helped crews in San Diego largely subdue nearly a dozen fires. Since the middle of last week, fire has consumed at least 26,000 acres in California.

So far this year, Cal Fire has responded to over 1,5000 wildfires, more than twice as many fires as average.

Brown appeared on ABC news Sunday expressing his concern about the prolonged drought and wildfire activity.

"So we've got to gear up. We're going to deal with nature as best we can, but humanity is on a collision course with nature, and we're just going to have to adapt to it in the best way we can," Brown said.

Brown said the state has 5,000 firefighters and 600 million appropriated to battling wildfires, but he warns that may not be enough in the future.

He said thousands of additional firefighters could be needed in the future, saying California is on the front lines of climate change, which making weather hotter.

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