Honesty Re-tested in the City

Are San Franciscans honest?

Honest Tea

The people of "Honest Tea" have come up with a marketing plan that will test the "honesty" of people who live and work in San Francisco. (Get the play on words?)

 San Francisco is one of several cities where the company has set up unmanned pop-up displays of Honest Tea that invites people to take a bottle of tea and leave a dollar in the box.

The Honest Tea folks have set up hidden cameras to see how many people leave the money adn how many don't.  It's a test of how honest we are.  They aren't taking names, but they are adding numbers.

We should have the results by the end of the day.

 Honest tea did this same experiment last summer and found San Francisco was 91-percent honest.

Here's how we compare to other big cities:

  • Washington, D.C. and Boston were 93 percent honest
  • Atlanta and New York were 89 percent honest
  • Chicago was 78 percent honest

Click on the embed below for a live picture of the experiment happening in San Francisco.

Honest tea also have a live camera set up in LA:
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