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How to Spot Fake Tickets for Beyoncé Concerts at Levi's Stadium

Beyoncé's upcoming concerts at Levi's Stadium bring concerns for an influx of counterfeit tickets.

Tickets for The Formation World Tour are still available for her upcoming show on Monday in Santa Clara as well as for a second show that has been added on September 17.

Fake tickets are a rampant problem at Bay Area concerts and festivals and they can be so convincing in appearance that it's easy to get ripped off.

If you're buying, Ticketmaster has released a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get an authentic ticket and actually get in to see the show instead of drinking bitter lemonade.

Some are common sense, like avoiding scalpers in the vicinity of the venue.

Others might not be as intuitive, such as covering the ticket's code when posting a picture of it to a social media account to prevent someone from acquiring it and using it to make a duplicate. The company is proposing a hashtag for the tip, #CoverTheCode.

If you're looking to unload tickets, Ticketmaster offers a free and secure service to resell them to other customers that can be done online or in the app.

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