Is App Telling Us A “Secret” About Apple-Beats Deal?

Is Apple still buying Beats? Secret says no.

It's an app you really can't trust .. and yet people pay very close attention to what it says.

"Secret" is a way to broadcast your feelings or activities in, yes, secret. It's rumored to be chased by venture capitalists as it gains traction as a hot app, especially among young social networkers who want to broadcast with mystery.

Sometimes, Secret ventures into news - or, at least, rumors about the news. Nobody has verified the app as a source for reliable information, but they're talking and tweeting about a Secret post - because it reads, in full, "I work at Apple. We are no longer in talks to acquire Beats."

Now, besides a post or two by Beats co-owner Dr, Dre, nobody has comfirmed this deal in the first place, least of all Apple. So it's likely that this Secret post will fade into the ether without confirmation, and then Apple either will or won't announce a deal.

But if no deal happens? Does Secret become a source for leaking sensitive news? Cue all the reporters sighing over yet another social network they have to follow...

A screen grab of the "Secret" message:

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