Jack Dorsey Breaks Bread With Larry King

Twitter and Square co-founder takes part in special CNN dinner conversation.

What do Tyra Banks, Conan O'Brien and Shaquille O'Neal have in common with Jack Dorsey?

Other than using his social media site, all of them sat down to have dinner with Larry King for a special show entitled "A Dinner With the Kings" that aired on CNN.

The Twitter co-founder is also joined by funnyman Russel Brand, "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, Quincy Jones and King's wife for the dinner that will re-air this weekend.

The dynamic sit down involved the stars talking to the former interview king about love, success, insecurities and more.

"I've made hundreds and hundreds of mistakes and - and learned from 'em," Dorsey said.  "And - and that's what makes a successful company, that's what makes a successful creative endeavor, is learning from your mistakes."

Dorsey talks about his work with both Twitter and Square, his two San Francisco-based startups.

The show will re-air on CNN this weekend. Check local listings for timings.

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