Lady Gaga Visits Google

Lady Gaga, the Mother Monster, is in town tonight for a show at the Oracle Arena, but before that, she made a pit-stop at Google HQ for some interactive Q&A with her monster spawn.

The singer posted a video on her YouTube channel saying, "Hello, Little Monsters. This is Lady Gaga on the road at the Monster Ball. I wanted to let you in on the news that I'll be doing an exclusive Google interview using one of their tools called the moderator, which allows you guys to ask me all the questions you want."

Fans have been submitting some 40,000 questions to the Gaga, via YouTube and Twitter. She spent some time using Google's Moderator, a tool used for letting the audience decide what questions they want answered.

According to the International Business Times, some of the popular questions submitted were asking for back-stage tour stories and how she'd like to be remembered.

Here is the 1 hour and 13 minute video of Lady Gaga at Google.


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