Levi Johnston Puts Twitter “On Notice”

Bristol Palin's baby daddy threatens Twitter

Late Show host Conan O'Brien has apologized for a sketch where actor William Shatner did an interpretive reading of tweets from an account impersonating future Playgirl model Levi Johnston.

However Johnston, the father of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's grandson, is now threatening O'Brien -- and, surprisingly, San Francisco-based Twitter -- with lawsuits.

"You are now on notice and must take steps to put an end to what is clearly against the law and against your policy," said a spokesperson for Johnston in a statement.

The only problem is that it is not, in fact, illegal, as far as Twitter is concerned. The company is protected from lawsuits against the actions of its users, as former Oakland A's manager Tony La Russa learned when he went after a similar impostor.

Johnston might want to have his legal eagles focusing instead on his custody battle with Palin's daughter Bristol, especially since they'll have to explain his participation in a pin-up shoot with Playgirl to a judge in Wasilla, Alaska.

Jackson West doesn't normally like to rubberneck, but can't get enough of this snowbilly trainwreck.

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