Mayor Newsom Got a Deal on His $2.7 Million House

Governor hopeful saved hundreds of thousands on new home

Add another item to the list of things San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom can't keep under wraps.

While the mayor has recently been struggling to keep top campaign officials on board his leaking campaign for governor, on Monday word leaked that the once "confidential" sale price of Newsom's new home in the Haight also squeaked out of the vault.

Real estate blog SocketSite reports the mayor’s new house at 1581 Masonic was recorded at the contract price of $2,738,000 with the assessor’s office. The MLS listing originally said the sale price was confidential.

The original asking price for the four bedroom, 3.5 bath house was $3,300,000 and was later reduced to $2,980,000 in May, according to SocketSite. A photographic tour of of the house is still available on the Bay Area MLS site.

Maybe the mayor can use the savings to hire some extra security to keep the poo bandit from soiling his new home again. He might also be able to pay off those pesky complaints from his new neighbors.

We put a call into the mayor's press office for comment on this article and are waiting for a call back.

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