San Francisco

Millennium Tower Developer Cited For Access Ramp Violations

Inspectors give builder 90 days to repair issues or occupancy permit will be revoked

The developer of the embattled Millennium Tower in San Francisco has been given 90 days to fix two disabled access ramps deemed too steep under city code, according to city officials.

One of the ramps is in the rear of the building, and the other is in the fifth floor lobby linking the tower to the low-rise Millennium structure. City inspectors also noticed a potentially hazardous gap at the base of a rail on the latter ramp, likely caused by the tower’s sinking issue.

San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection issued the warnings Thursday, just one day after getting a complaint from someone in the building. But documents obtained by NBC Bay Area show city building inspectors discovered the problems back in July, when top officials quietly toured the tower before it was revealed that it had sunk 16 inches and was tilting at least 2 inches.

If the developer does not fix the ramp problems, the city could revoke the tower’s occupancy permit.

The city also cited Millennium for not getting proper permits before repairing water damage in the concrete basement.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin said the city should have acted sooner.

"While I'm very pleased that the city is finally issuing notices of violation on a number of different items, this does not get to the fundamental issue of how we're going to stabilize the building moving forward and what we knew when we knew it and who did what when," Peskin said.

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