Flying Chunk of Ice Crashes Through Roof of Modesto Home

Neighbors are flocking to a home in Modesto after a large chunk of ice fell from the sky and crashed into a family’s garage Wednesday morning.

"It sounded so loud so it must have been traveling pretty fast," said Lisa Lawrence. She was sitting outside her home on Briggs Avenue at about 11 a.m. when she saw something unusual.

"It looked like a garbage bag flying in the air," she told KCRA. "I looked up at it, and it was a big old ball of ice, bigger than a basketball and I watched it go down and it went off like a bomb."

The ice landed a few doors down, crashing through a roof on Ackerman Way, eventually landing on the bumper of a car. The homeowner and her daughter were in the living room a few feet away when it happened.

The object left a big hole in the roof and damaged the car.

Neighbors speculate the ice might have fallen from a plane.

While the Federal Aviation Administration investigates the incident, neighbors are scratching their heads, trying to figure out where the falling ice came from.

KCRA reports the landlord is expected to fix the hole in the roof this week.

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