Newsom Reports Progress With Vaccine Supply and Distribution

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Gov. Gavin Newsom visited the Mass vaccination site at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Friday and gave an update on vaccines and the supply.

He said there is progress in the state with vaccines.

“We have seen a tripling of vaccinations administered in just the last month,” Newsom said. “Let me be even more specific. As I speak, 5.5 million vaccines have been administered in the state of California.”

The site is capable of handling 7,000 to 10,000 vaccinations each day, but things have started out on a much smaller scale.

In LA officials said they would temporarily have to close sites due to a shortage. Newsom said the challenge is still having not enough supply from the federal government.

But the Biden administration does give a three-week window into allocations.

“Next week we anticipate a modest increase of 1.2 million doses,” Newsom said. “While the administration has done an admirable job procuring more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to the tune of 200 plus million, those vaccines are not available until later in the summer.”

Newsom said efforts will focus on more diverse communities to broaden distribution in the state.

California is entering a new agreement to boost transparency and vaccinations.

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