Opera-Singing Waiter Gets an Encore

Nightclubs in San Francisco, no. Opera-singing waiters, yes.

A plan to allow a waiter at a North Beach restaurant to sing opera on an amplified microphone is moving forward despite neighborhood complaints.

The Telegraph Hill Dwellers, who have a history of opposing things in North Beach, were opposing city approval of Colosseo's opera-singing waiter Luca performing on an open microphone.

The group was concerned the approval would open the door to nightclubs coming into the neighborhood. With the recent rash of troubles at San Francisco nightclubs, it is hard to blame them.

But the City Planning Commission approved the use of a microphone and a stereo for Luca to perform saying the location of the restaurant and the owner's assurances that he will not convert the eatery to a night club make the approval safe.

Several neighbors supported the idea at Thursday's planning meeting. But before Luca gets his moment in the sun, the San Francisco Entertainment Commission also has to sign off on the deal.

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