Palo Alto Working to Address Downtown Parking Issues

Business is booming in Palo Alto. There are great restaurants and entertainment, but during business hours and on Friday and Saturday nights, people say there's no place to park.

The parking is so bad in that some people are staying away from visiting downtown Palo Alto.

"In general we don't want to come to downtown Palo Alto because it's really hard to find a spot," Palo Alto-resident Jerry Yan said.

City officials are trying to develop a downtown Palo Alto parking app, enhance the city's parking website, develop online permits sales and revise parking time limits. Authorities are even talking about going high tech by providing a parking guidance system that keeps track of the number of cars going in and out of city garages.

And for some, the proposed changes can't come too soon.

"Hardly anybody can find any space out here and I come out here all the time," Fremont-resident Mostafa Sorkhabi said. "I do three or four laps until I can find something, and even then we end up fighting for space."

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