Pinterest Brings Fashion Week To Bay Area

Fashion goes high tech

Pinterest is growing. Really, really fast.

It's new San Francisco HQ is spacious, packed, and fashionable, in a cool, San Francisco tech sort of way.

Which is fitting, because the buzz around Pinterest HQ these days revolves around Fashion Week. Not normally a huge thing around these parts, but it kicks off in New York on Thursday, and Pinterest is on board for the ride.

The company, which lets you share things by pinning them, has an entire section devoted to Fashion Week, which is extra impressive when you realize that it's not just regular "pinners" throwing stuff up there, it's actual designers, pinning to reach out and touch fans.

And it's working. "We have 2 million fashion pins a day," says Pinterest Head of Community Katie Garlinghouse. "We know we have millions of people on Pinterest interested in fashion."

Although the company will keep most of its focus online during Fashion Week, there will be representatives in New York and Paris. They'll probably be kept busy by fashionistas, who are loving all the tech coming into the fashion industry.

Pret a Porter, everyone.

Scott is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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