Redwood City Trailer Park Homes Flooded, Again

Tuesday's storms brought in a lot of flood water to residents of a Redwood City mobile home park, and this isn't the first time it's happened.

 "It's not a good thing because everyone gets their home destroyed and sometimes cars destroyed," said Denise Roldan, park resident.

During storms, several residents at Le Mar trailer park say their pipes back up, sometimes creating a cocktail for toxic water.

"It couldn't go to work today because of this and I take care of handicap people and this is pretty bad," said Olga, a park resident who didn't want to use her full name.

 This has become all too common here. Over a year ago, another flood forced some homes here to be red-tagged.

The Redwood City Public Works Department brought out water pumps to help the trailer park landlord. Managers told NBC Bay Area they are committed to all residents concerns and vow to work quickly to fixing issues and calming frustrations for residents, especially by problems caused by the weather.

"The city needs to do a little and the owner needs to put in some more pumps," Roldan said.

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