Reviewing the SF Film Fest: Khamsa

The San Francisco International Film Festival is running now until May 7. "Khamsa" is one of the movies featured.

"Khamsa" trailer

With wonderful acting from the main actor, the loneliness arising from a young boy's conflicted existence and lack of true home is truly felt in "Khamsa."

This a story of the rollercoaster Marco (aka Khamsa) goes through in trying to do just about anything to keep the affection and safe haven of his loved ones, who are generally unconcerned and wrapped up in their own lives.  The struggle between his inner self and his badass unafraid of death bravado (really to just be accepted and seen), makes for a rich but heartbreaking story.

I don’t understand how some people are allowed to be parents, though – really?  Treating their kids like little homies, like, “Aiight, see you around, meyng.”  “Oh, you’re homeless?  What you gonna do now?”  As they carry on with their wretched lives.  Serious?  He’s el-ev-ennnn!

"Khamsa" keeps you on your toes, no doubt, and he even doubles as a swifty housekeeper I’ve found (look for beer bottles and a trailer).  Forget being a trouble child, though – this kid should have been a singer... I was feeling it.  A little "Khamsa" soundtrack for the future, perhaps?

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