Cell Phone Industry to Sue SF on Radiation Law

A trade group representing the cell phone industry said Tuesday it will file a federal lawsuit challenging San Francisco's new law to provide radiation information.

The suit comes the week The City's new controversial ordinance went live and after months of debate and publicity.

The ordinance requires cell phone retailers to display information about the amount of radiation emanating from cell phones and to provide fact sheets to customers who ask for them.

The CTIA said it plans to file its suit because the ordinance is trumped by federal law and it violates the industry's First Amendment rights.

The law has been discussed and debated in the City for almost two years with former San Francisco mayor and now California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom pushing its adoption.

There is some controversy about how radiation levels are measured and whether cell phone radiation poses an immediate threat at all.

Regardless, the new law gives retailers until the end of the month to comply.

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