San Francisco

San Francisco Schools Working to Put Rumors on Immigration Raids to Rest

Rumors about new immigration raids have some undocumented families in San Francisco thinking about pulling their children out of school.

San Francisco Unified School District leaders on Thursday said there has not been a spike in absences, but are trying to put the rumors to rest.

"If a student lives in the city and county of San Francisco, we do not ask for their immigration status," Superintendent Richard Carranza said.

Carranza said he has never let Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents into schools and any ICE requests to perform a raid on campus would have to go through a full review process.

"If they were to show up at a school and request entrance, there's a protocol," Carranza said. "They have to request approval. I ultimately have to give approval as a superintendent. That's not going to happen."

Carranza said if he ever were to grant immigration agents emergency access he would notify parents first.

It is not known how the rumor got started, but Carranza said it seems to happen every year.

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