San Jose

San Jose Anthem Receives Backlash for Being ‘Culturally Tone Deaf'

It is a song that aims to bring people together, but the newest San Jose anthem is causing a rift in the city it’s supposed to honor.

New Zealand singer Grace Kelly’s song about San Jose is described as a “love letter” to the city, but the response to the song is not so loving.

The reaction prompted a letter to Team San Jose, which produced Kelly’s video.

"The people that do represent our community were used as silent props," said Jessica Paz-Cedillo, Chief Executive Director of the Mexican Heritage Plaza.

Some suggest the song should be by San Jose artist Ray Resurrection as a better representation of what San Jose is all about.

Paz-Cedillo said she wants to hear the opinions of those who produced the song.

"We want to have a conversation with them," Paz-Cedillo said. "This is a moment when we can put a spotlight on our community."

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