San Jose

San Jose Family Suing Nonprofit for Allegedly Providing Untrained Service Dog for Autistic Son

An organization that provides service dogs is expected to file for bankruptcy.

The move comes after NBC Bay Area first reported the agency’s service dogs don't seem to be providing any service for some special needs children, and in some cases, even putting the children at risk.

A San Jose family who said it got the bait and switch is suing the nonprofit Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions in Yuba County for allegedly providing an untrained service dog for their autistic son.

They claim Pawsitive gave them a dog that does not do any of things it is supposed to do.

The family said they paid $9,000 for their lab Idaho to keep their autistic son from running off -- but Idaho pays no attention to their son. But the dog is more focused on his toy or sleeping.

Three other families filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County but many more are expected to follow suit.

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