San Jose

Red Cross Helps Displaced Veterans After San Jose Fire

Several residents in the South Bay are adjusting to life without a home Monday morning.

A faulty light fixture sparked a fire at a San Jose high-rise apartment building Sunday morning, but the subsequent damage from the sprinkler system is what's keeping roughly 40 to 60 people out of their homes for about a week.

A mix of emotions have been felt by the displaced residents as they try to come to grips with the ordeal while they stay at a temporary shelter at Burnett Middle School in San Jose.

"People were still trying to make heads or tails of what was happening," said Red Cross volunteer Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz. "Especially because the fire was very small."

At first, former veteran Kenneth King didn't even know a fire had sparked on the ninth story of the 12-story building.

Nonetheless, his and 70 other apartments were evacuated.

Coping with the transition from his house to the shelter has been an adventure for King.

"At home, I have a posturepedic," he laughed. "So way different."

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