Brendan Weber

Second Round of New BART Cars to Roll Out Next Week

A fresh bunch of new BART cars will soon start rolling out across the Bay Area transportation system's network.

The second round of new rail cars, which feature more doors, wider aisles and automatic signs that alert riders about the next arrival station, are slated to be unveiled at some point next week, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle and later confirmed by BART. An exact unveil date and time was not immediately known.

The first batch of new BART cars hit the tracks in January, but some of the cars experienced issues with doors.

The new 10-car BART train to kick off service next week has passed systemwide testing by the Public Utilities Commission, stopping at every station and successfully opening and closing car doors.

BART currently has 10 of its new cars in operation between Richmond and Fremont. The second round of new cars will run from the Warm Springs station in Fremont to Daly City.

BART expects to have 80 new cars running by the end of the year and around 170 new cars in operation by 2019.

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