Bacon Smell Annoys Neighbor of City's Bacon Restaurant

Bacon Bacon is too much bacon for one man

A certain San Francisco restaurant is so odorous that a noisy neighbor's complaints threaten to shutter it over the smell.

Of bacon.

Bacon Bacon is the eatery, and it's no surprise what the Haight Ashbury restaurant specializes in. More surprising is the problem an anonymous complainant has -- with the smell of bacon.

More people appear to be a fan, with 1,100 swine fans signing an online petition in support of the restaurant.

The eatery needed to reapply for permits to remain open. That allowed a neighbor with a distaste for bacon to voice complaints, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The neighbor wants the restaurant to install a filtration system on the roof to smoke out the scent of bubbling, sizzling hog fat, the newspaper reported.

The owner of the restaurant, Jim Angelus, agreed -- as long as the city gives him the permits.

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