South Bay Company Doing Life-Saving Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

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At least one South Bay company said business has been blooming since the coronavirus pandemic and the work they’re doing will quite literally save lives. 

The Morgan Hill company called Amphenol All Seniors is making sensors for hospital ventilators and with the high demand, they’re now hiring.

Workers are making tiny gadgets that are crucial to the functionality of hospital ventilators.

“They measure anything from inlet pressure,” said General Manager Dale Daunenhauer. “What we specialize in, is breath of the patient and the continuity of breath of the patient.”

COVID-19 has put ventilators in high demand and the pressure is on companies like these to crank out as many of the lifesaving pieces as they can.

 “In a typical year we ship out anywhere from 700,000 sensors,” Dauenhauer said. “In the last 3 weeks, we received orders for that many sensors, all ready for immediate delivery.”

That means the company is desperately looking for workers, mostly with some manufacturing and soldering experience. And at the end of their 12-hour shift, those workers will know how critical their long shifts are to the entire nation.

“Every part we can get out the door will create a ventilator that will get to somebody that needs it and hopefully save their life,” Dauenhauer said.

The company is accepting people with no experience, all they need is bodies and the building.

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