South Bay Officials to Address Mask-Wearing Confusion

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As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease, many people are struggling to understand what the new normal looks like, when are you supposed to wear a mask and when can you leave it off.

The CDC recently issued mask-wearing guidelines for anyone who has been fully vaccinated, but many say it's still a little hazy on the rules and other say are not ready to ditch the mask.

Both ends of the matter can be seen on any given day at Alum Rock Park in Santa Clara County where people normally go exercise and walk the many trails.

"I’m not going to wear it because I'm running and can't breath with it," said Adrian Espinoza.

Right behind him on the trail, Anil Maibad was wearing his mask.

“Because it will prevent the spread and help others, and me out, also," Maibad said.

People's choices vary from wearing a mask indoors but not outdoors, and others even wear it when driving by themselves.

"I wear it every time I am around people, and sometimes even in the car like I'm doing right now because I’m heading somewhere else," said Vishakha Shah.

Mask-wearing recommendations have been so confusing that Santa Clara County officials hope to clarify the confusion soon to help residents understand.

"Since the beginning there’ve been different regulations coming out," said Heather Valentine, a counselor at San Jose's Notre Dam High School, "from federal to state to local, one school to another over time and it does start to become fatiguing.”

Furthermore, how do you know if someone not wearing a mask is fully vaccinated?

Laura Belzer wanted to clear the confusion and created a button with a "V" to help others know someone is fully vaccinated.

"The vax button is a button I created to help encourage more hugs as an antidote to this social distancing we’ve been experiencing.”

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