The Governor is Back in Hollywood

Even the governator can't beat the bad economy, sort of.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who does not take a salary for his day job, might be looking back to Hollywood to fill his pockets.

The Governor in the Sarah Connor Chronicles

The governor said he may be back as the Terminator after all, despite his duties as California governor.
Schwarzenegger confirmed in a Webcast interview that his image might appear in next month's "Terminator: Salvation," the fourth movie in the franchise about a showdown between humanity and machines.

The governor says he made it clear he had no time to shoot new footage but that the filmmakers are playing with technology to insert his image from the earlier "Terminator" movies.

Schwarzenegger says he told director McG he will come to the premiere of the movie, which stars Christian Bale as leader of the human resistance against machine conquerors.

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