Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Calls for Unity Amid Pandemic

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr is known for speaking his mind on just about all things. On Wednesday, he chatted with Congressman Ro Khanna on social media about the importance of abiding by the stay-at-home order.

Kerr spent 30 minutes discussing his views on the new normal and calling out the real heroes of the Bay Area. 

“Essential means the people who are allowing us to function every single day,” Kerr said.

The Warriors coach singled out grocery store workers and delivery drivers for keeping the Bay going and even sported a quarantine beard while talking live with Khanna about leadership during the COVID crisis.

As President Donald Trump pushes states to reopen, Kerr called for more unity from government leaders.

“I think one of the things that is so demoralizing today is just how divisive our president,” Kerr said. And of course, he talked basketball. “We’re preparing to play some games without fans because that might be the first step we don’t know at this point.”

But he said he does know that people are suffering and that we can only get through this by strength in numbers.

“If you’re a citizen and you want to get groceries for your elderly neighbor or order takeout from a restaurant to keep them afloat I think it could mean anything to help one another,” said Kerr. “It’s really a bizarre journey, a bizarre time but we are gonna make it through.”

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