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Family Sues Waterworld Over Injuries Allegedly Sustained on ‘Tornado Slide'

Waterworld California found itself in hot water earlier this month when the company was smacked with a civil suit for allegedly failing to protect a family of passengers on one of its most popular attractions.

In a suit filed in March 8, Jennifer Yip of South San Francisco claims that she burst an artery in her skull after she struck her head on a pipe while riding the Tornado Slide with her family. The suit, first reported by East Bay Times, seeks unspecified damages for the injury and emotional distress.

The six-story Tornado Slide, named for its funnel shape, requires riders to lock legs in an innertube prior to splashing down. According to the complaint, the Yip family's innertube was pushed down the slide before the family had time to lock legs, eventually leading Jennifer to bash her head on a pipe dispensing water at the edge of the funnel.

She "experienced pain to the left-hand side of her head and her right arm was tingling as a result of making contact with the pipe," according to the suit.

Court documents obtained by NBC Bay Area also state that her husband, David Yip, sustained injuries in the neck as a result of not being properly locked down before the tube made its descent. 

Frank Moore, an attorney representing the family, declined to comment on specifics of the case. He said there will likely be more information to share following discovery, and that the suit is still in its early stages. 

Waterworld California did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The amusement park last settled a high-profile suit in 2000 after a high school student plunged to her death when a slide buckled due to overcrowding. 

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