An Adults-Only Valentine’s Outing at Safari West

Learn all about how animals make lovey-dovey eyes at each other, so to speak, at the Santa Rosa animal park.

Safari West

WE HUMANS EMPLOY EUPHEMISMS... with cheek and flair and frequency, for when we don't want to say what the thing actually is, we skirt around the thing, finding a charming filler that can handle the big job. "The birds and the bees" is probably one of the most famous examples, and while everyone knows instantly that the saying is not truly about our avian friends, nor honey-making insects, it suggests, not-so-suggestively, what it needs to suggest. But what about animal courtship, and mating, and reproduction? Is there a phrase that's similar to "the birds and the bees," a string of words that adequately serve our furry and feather-laden and fin-rocking co-earthlings? Now that we humans have taken an animal-centered phrase and made it our own? We'll leave the scribes and linguists to sort that one out, while we plan to learn about the birds and the bees, or, more accurately, the meerkats and the gnus, at Safari West in Santa Rosa on the Saturday and Sunday before Valentine's 2018. That's...

FEB. 10 AND 11, and the made-just-for-adults event will include oysters, beverages, an informative talk on how animals pair up, as well as quite the memorable take-home goodie, a Wild Love Bites lunch (with sweet), and the Safari Sex Tour, which will get into the nitty-gritty of how the denizens of the park engage in amour. The cost? It's $148.50, and that "... price includes applicable tax and gratuity." The menu? Filet mignon topped garlic shrimp and wines from Coppola are among the delectables. Helping out this animal-helping destination? You may have seen that Safari West was right on the edge of the Tubbs Fire in the fall of 2017, and that some staff members lost their homes. Show your support for the animal park, and those who work there, and the beasties who call it home, by visiting soon, during the Valentine's event or on another day. Spring is nigh, making it a perfect time to go Safari West.

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